Check out these valuable perks that go along with your Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative membership!



Carsharing organizations (CSOs) often set up cooperative “roaming” agreements. Roaming means members of CSO “A” can use vehicles belonging to CSO “B” and vice versa. Nanaimo CarShare has roaming agreements with these CSOs:

  • Modo, headquartered in Vancouver. Nanaimo CarShare members can save the cost and hassle of transporting a vehicle on BC Ferries and instead use one of Modo’s vehicles situated at hundreds of locations in the Lower Mainland, including at the Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen BC Ferries terminals. There's more: Modo also manages a carsharing fleet in Victoria!
  • Coast Car Co-op has vehicles in Gibsons and Roberts Creek.
  • Coming soon: Carsharing organizations across North America!



BC SCRAP-IT® is a non-profit voluntary vehicle early retirement program that provides incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation. If you have a 2000 or older model year car that is running, and has been insured in BC for the past six months, you may be eligible for the $550 BC SCRAP-IT® Carsharing Incentive (Option #7 Car Sharing Credit) that will be added to your Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative account as a driving credit that's good for three years! Check out the BC SCRAP-IT® website, and contact us for more information.


Hub City Cycles Community Co-op

If you're a member of Hub City Cycles Community Co-operative, you'll get a $25 driving credit credit that's good for three years when you join Nanaimo CarShare. And Nanaimo CarShare members get a one-time $25 discount on a bike tune-up if they join Hub City Cycles Community Co-op!


This perk is designed, in part, to encourage growth in cooperative membership. If you’re already a member of both cooperatives, sorry, but the benefits aren’t available retroactively.


bike rack that can accommodate two bicycles is installed on Nanaimo CarShare's Car #2, the Pontiac Vibe, located at Port Place.


Conventional Car Rental Discount

Conventional car rental makes more sense than carsharing for some trips. Tell owner Steve at Nanaimo Practicar (227 Terminal Avenue) that you’re a Nanaimo CarShare member and get a 10% discount!