Important: Before devoting time to learning about our carsharing service or applying for Nanaimo CarShare membership, please email nanaimocarshareinfo(at) or call 250-741-4141 for critical, new information. Thanks!




We’re pleased you’re interested in joining us!


If you’re a member of a carsharing organization and would like to drive Nanaimo CarShare vehicles, apply for a roaming membership with Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative.


If your business or organization would like to join NCS, great! Employers may join as Full, Casual or Roaming members, just as individuals can do. Any employee who would be driving our vehicles must meet our eligibility criteria and follow steps 1 and 2 below. Employees authorized to drive our cars would be employee-drivers, not members of NCS. Employer Members receive a monthly invoice with each trip itemized and reflecting trip-specific comments entered by employees at the time they make self-service bookings. NCS membership 1) can save money compared to reimbursing employees for driving their own cars for work trips, 2) eliminates documentation and reimbursement administrative hassles, and 3) gives employees the liberty to commute by transit, bike, on foot, or car pool.


New members must be at least 19 years of age with a full BC driving licence* and:

  • at least three years' driving history
  • no at-fault accidents within the past three years, or, for BC drivers, no more than one at-fault accident within the past three years + an ICBC safe driving discount of at least 35%.
  • no more than three traffic violations in the past five years


There are 3 basic steps to becoming a member of Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative:

    1. To verify your eligibility, we need directly from ICBC your Driving Record and Insurance Claims History. Here's what to do: Grab your driver's licence and go to Provide the information requested. When you reach the Request Documents page, check Driving Record and Insurance Claims History. Choose 5 years of history. Enter Nanaimo CarShare's email as the recipient: NanaimoCarShareInfo(at) Alternatively, you can phone ICBC at 1-800-950-1498, and ask them to e-mail copies of your Driving Record and Insurance Claims History to Nanaimo CarShare at NanaimoCarShareInfo(at)

      Please note that we must receive your ICBC documents directly from ICBC, NOT forwarded from another e-mail account.

      These documents are free, and will confirm your eligibility for membership in the Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative. Please let us know by e-mail to NanaimoCarShareInfo(at) or by phone at 250-741-4141 that you've requested the documents from ICBC, and we'll be on the lookout for them. If you don't receive from us confirmation of receipt of ICBC documents within 48 hours, please e-mail or phone us.
    2. Attend a 30-minute orientation session with a Nanaimo CarShare volunteer near one of our vehicles. You'll sign the Membership Agreement (you can print one, fill it in, and bring it to the orientation session). We'll walk you through the carsharing process, answer all your questions, and show you a shared car. Please read our Membership ManualPrice List, and Rules of the Association before the orientation session. Contact us at NanaimoCarShareInfo(at) or 250-741-4141 to make an appointment for an orientation session.
    3. Pay a one-time, refundable Member Share Deposit, and a non-refundable $20 Registration Fee. The one-time, refundable Member Share Deposit is $500 for a Full/Principal membership, and $250 for an Associate membership that allows an additional driver -- a family member at the same address as the Full/Principal Member -- to be a Nanaimo CarShare member. If paying the $500 share purchase in a lump sum stretches your budget, ask us about our Membership Assistance Fund.

Once your Member Share Deposit has been credited to our bank account, you'll be given access to our online vehicle reservations system -- you're ready to carshare!

You must remain a member of Nanaimo CarShare for at least 6 months. Your Member Share Deposit will be refunded within 90 days of your leaving the Coop, unless you've caused an accident or failed to pay your invoice.


That's it! We'll complete processing your application within two business days. Please contact NanaimoCarShareInfo(at) or250-741-4141 for more information.

To read our member documents please download Adobe Reader for free by clicking here or the Adobe Reader image below.


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* If ICBC does not require that you have a BC driving licence, please contact us about your possible eligibility.