Important: Before devoting time to learning about our carsharing service or applying for Nanaimo CarShare membership, please email nanaimocarshareinfo(at) or call 250-741-4141 for critical, new information. Thanks!




The Canadian Automobile Association estimates the 2013 national average annual driving cost is $7,957.80 for a 2013 Honda Civic LX (4 cylinder) driven 12,000 km a year. That's about 66 cents per kilometer, or over $21 per day, every day. Read the Canadian Automobile Association's (CAA) 2013 Driving Costs study for more amazing statistics about the cost of car ownership. The CAA Driving Costs Calculator can help you build a better understanding of all the ongoing costs of owning a vehicle.




Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative is a member-owned and managed BC Cooperative Association. Joining our Cooperative as a Full Member requires a $500 refundable purchase of shares.


If you can’t afford the share purchase or simply aren’t interested in shareholding membership, please consider Casual Membership. Becoming a Casual Member gives you full access to the Cooperative’s vehicles, but you’re not required to purchase shares.


Scroll down to Casual Membership near the bottom of this page for the details on Casual Membership. The information that immediately follows applies to Full Membership only.




A one-time, refundable $500 Member Share Deposit, and $20 Registration Fee, are required to start. More information about joining Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative can be found here.


Through our Membership Assistance Fund you may be able to pay for part of your shares over twelve months instead of all at once up front. Please ask us for details.



Cost includes gas, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.


Cost per hour per booking: $3 per hour (maximum $36 per 24-hour period). No hourly charge between 11 pm and 7 am.


Cost per kilometre per booking:

  • Your first 35 km cost $0.40 each
  • Your next 115 km cost $0.25 each
  • Subsequent km cost $0.15 each.


Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative’s Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment addresses unpredictable gas prices while keeping rates stable and fair. The FFA is calculated based on the average price of unleaded gasoline in Nanaimo in the invoice month and is applied when gas is priced above $1.10 per litre. At that point, the FFA increases the “Costs per km” by 1 cent per km for every 10 cent increase in the price of a litre of gas. For example, the Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment for March 2014 was 2.2 cents per kilometre.


There is a $2 administration charge for the first 3 bookings each month, maximum $6 per month. If you don’t drive in a calendar month, you don’t pay anything.


BC's Passenger Vehicle Rental Tax (PVRT) applies to bookings of more than 8 consecutive hours and is $1.50 for each 24-hour period, or 8-hour-plus portion of a 24-hour period.


$1 annual membership fee is charged on December 31 each year to comply with ICBC carsharing insurance requirements.


Please check out our price list for an itemized run-down of prices, plus explanation of additional fines and surcharges.



Monthly Invoice:

If you use a car, you'll receive an itemized invoice for your vehicle usage for the month, including administration, hourly, and kilometre usage charges, plus applicable taxes, less credits for gas and other items purchased for vehicles, by the middle of the following month. Didn't use the car? You'll pay nothing.


Click here to view a sample invoice for the following three typical trips.



North Town Centre

Hours: 3, Kilometres: 20

Hourly charge: $9.00

Kilometre charge: $8.00

Administration charge: $2.00 (maximum $6 per month)



Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment (1.4 cents per km in August 2015): $0.28

PST: $1.35

GST: $0.96

Total: $21.59


Nanaimo to Ganges, Salt Spring Island, via Crofton

Hours: 8, Kilometres: 175

Hourly charge: $24.00

Kilometre charge: $46.50

Administration charge: $2.00 (maximum $6 per month)


Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment (1.4 cents per km in August 2015): $2.45

PST: $5.25

GST: $3.75

Total: $83.95


Nanaimo to Victoria, Overnight Trip with Shopping

Hours: 24, Kilometres: 300

Hourly charge: $36.00 (maximum $36 per 24-hour period)

Kilometre charge: $65.25

Administration charge: $2.00 (maximum $6 per month)


Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment (1.4 cents per km in August 2015): $4.20

PST: $7.52

GST: $5.37

PVRT: $1.50

LESS: Credit for Gas Purchased: -$42.13

Total: $79.71



Casual Members do not make a $500 share purchase and have no vote in the Cooperative. Also, Casual Members are ineligible for Nanaimo CarShare’s member Perks.


To become a Casual Member, please follow our Join procedures.


Depending on the sorts of trips made, most Casual Members pay higher rates than Full Members. Generally, the less that trips take advantage of the free 150 km included in each Casual Member's booking, the relatively cheaper Full Member usage rates will be. See our Casual Member Price List for all the details on rates and fees.


Casual Member Rates


  • $20 one-time registration fee when you sign up.
  • $50 annual fee, paid in advance.


Driving Cost

  • $7.50 per hour; maximum $60 per 24-hour period.
  • 150 km included per booking; $0.33 per km per booking over 150 km.
  • The Fuel Fluctuation Adjustment described above for Full Members applies to Casual Members as well.


Here's an easy side-by-side comparison of Full and Casual Membership costs:

One-time registration fee $20 $20
Refundable share purchase $500 none
Annual fee none $50
Administrative fee $2 per booking, $6 max per month none
Hourly rate $3 per hour, $36 max per day $7.50 per hour, $60 max per day
Fee per kilometre (per booking) $0.40 per km for first 35 km 150 km per day included
  $0.25 per km for next 36-150 km $0.33 per km over 150 km
  $0.15 per km over 150 km